Question: Are we asking for to much?

Our PTO is hosting a funfair and Lip sync in one evening the funfair will run from 5-7pm 25 cents a game and then a Lip sync contest cost is 2.00 per person to see the show. Will also provided for sale baked goods and have raffles. Is this to much for one evening, am I asking the parents to fork out alot of money. Should I charge one flat price or discount the show to 1.00 if you buy so many tickets?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
It sounds like you have a fun family night planned and the Lip Sync contest should be entertaining! In general, we encourage parent groups not to charge for family nights if at all possible and instead look at them as an opportunity to build your community. If costs need to be offset, you could sell additional snacks and beverages -- it looks like you already have a baked sale and raffle planned. If you are concerned that those sales won't cover expenses, you could charge a minimal fee to attend the Lip Sync show and $2 doesn't sound like too high a fee. You might find our article on planning family nights has a few additional tips for your event. Good luck with it!

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