Question: Amazon on a PTO website?

Has anyone had success putting the Amazon logo/link on their PTO website, through their 'affiliate' program? If so, did it require significant marketing efforts to generate funds?

Asked by revawin



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Rose H writes:
I'll move this post to our Facebook page to see if someone in that community has information for you.

Good luck!

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revawin writes:
Didn't see it posted there.....

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Rose H writes:
Hey there!
The post just went up! Here is the link:

Hope this helps!

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LauraJan1 writes:
Hi revawin,
have you ever heard of shopforstudents dot com? The have a similar concept but donate TRIPLE 15% and there are no fees deducted from the donation for your school or group. Plus they give you your own custom domain name for your online fundraiser and they sell many products (no candy or cookie dough) like ink and toner at up to 75% less with FREE shipping. Good luck...

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webmaster writes:
Yes we have it up on our site. We only generate about $500 a year but have only done minimal outreach for it. Next year I plan on advertising the link more. It's not hard at all to put it up on the site.

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daddario writes:
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