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I schedule fun events, however our Principal is wanting me to host workshops and give parents educational material like on how to help kids with homework at home such as math and reading. How would I go about this? I see event kits and packages but nothing on parents helping to educate their children.

Asked by heather.bellamy



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Rose H writes:
It's nice to provide a good balance with fun and education activities. We hear of groups offering parent workshops on handling homework issues, etc. One option to consider is ourFamily Reading NightYou can download the kit for free. It isn't a workshop. Instead, the kit will help you set up a fun, family night where kids and parents can focus on reading.

Community Advice

SEptoMOM writes:
Are you able to work with the teachers at your school at all? We recently combined a Math Night with a Valentine Dance. It was a huge success on both sides. The first part was Math Night - Each Grade (k-4) the teachers were responsible for coming up with a Math game that the kids learned during school - when the parents came that night the kids got to teach their parents how to play this "game" which really was a way the kids were learning Math skills (at grade level) This helped get parents into the classrooms to see what the kids were learning and how they were learning. Once this was over about 45 min. Everyone was invited to the school Gym! We sold Pizza, chips, soda, and water. Along with glow bracelets and necklaces. And offered a simple Dance off among the students! With Three overall Winners! We have 525 kids in our school and we had over 300 students and parents attend this event.

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daddario writes:
It's great that you're looking to expand your events to include workshops and educational materials for parents! Incorporating resources to help parents support their children's learning at home is incredibly valuable. To create engaging and informative workshops, consider leveraging online platforms like , which offers a step-by-step guide to converting PowerPoint presentations into e-learning modules . This guide can help you develop comprehensive educational materials on topics like math and reading assistance for parents. By transforming your content into interactive e-learning modules, you can provide parents with accessible resources that enhance their ability to support their children's education effectively. Combining workshops with these materials can enrich your events and empower parents to become more actively involved in their children's learning journey.

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