Question: need a name for a fundraising dinner for parents

we are a very small school of 200 students from ELC 3 to year 9 this year , going up slowly to year 12 in the year 2015. It was announced in march last year that our little campus was to be closed down as it was not feasible compared to our big fish cousins in Brighton with 1400 students. BUT our community has fought tooth and nail all year with tears and sweat and as of next week we open our very own brand new independent uniting church school with 200 students called “CORNISH COLLEGE” our motto is make a difference and we are leaders in sustainability, and are a nurturing school where we believe every child is individual and can make a difference. SO we have no funds and are organising a parents dinner dance evening and need an awesome name that represents the school and what we stand for

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firefighter464 writes:
Battler Bash?

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Rose H writes:
First of all, congratulations for all the hard work you have put in already. As far as the event's name is concerned, how about something that connects with what you said about your school..... something that "represents the school and what we stand for.'' So, something about "making a difference'' should work. Where its a kickoff, you could go with something like "Cornish College Kickoff -- Let's start making a difference!'', or "Cornish Community Kickoff.''  If others share your passion and enthusiasm, the event should be a success regardless of the name!! Good luck!

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