Question: Online sign-up sheet that does not require registration

I'd like to create a simple sign up for a PTO event that does not require to the user to register for that site. I like because you don't need to create a user name, etc. But my event is not a food-based event; we need volunteers for different time slots for an event. Any suggestions?

Asked by richat



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jennatsagepoint writes: has free signup sheets, and the event coordinator is the only one who neds to register for the site. Good luck with your event!

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NeillRay writes:
A number of online sign-up services exist; e.g., Pickatime, Volunteer Spot, MySignup, and Volunteer Genius. If you want a common solution for several committees, take a look at

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JulieF writes:
We just launched our Gatherings Tool which will handle both your food and your volunteer slot needs, plus track attendance (if you want it to). Users do not need to register to sign up. There's a 30-day free trial, then it's $5/mo after that. I'm a mom, a volunteer, and the founder and have been there :) Feel free to contact us (I'll see it) via our contact page if you need any help!

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