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My daughter just started 1st grade. She's recently been in private school, not in the public school system. My mom is also a teacher at the school, and its the school I went to also too, so I'm extremely excited new parent. So I told my mom I was thinking about going to the PTA meeting, she said it would be a great idea. I went to the meeting, and it was very interesting. They told me I was the first new parent in 2 years to sign up. The PTO consists of 5 people, and 3 are related a mom and her daughters and all from one school. Its a dual school PTO program. There weren't even teacher represenatives. I've had a few days to think about what I wanted to do, first RECRUITMENT, but I need some advice, inspiration. How many people should be in the group? There is total opportunity here. I don't want to be the youngster trying to step on toes. I just want the best for the schools with benefical outcomes. THANKS

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Rose H writes:
Hi there! Your enthusiasm is great to see! Your idea to focus on recruitment makes sense. There is no set size that a group should be. Obviously the more parents, the better, but that should be the focus. A handful of dedicated, hardworking, committed parents is a whole lot better than a few dozen who don't have much interest.

Another way to boost the parent group is to think about building the community overall and then new volunteers will likely flow from that. Are there some community-building events the group could do? We have some excellent (and free!) School Family Night kits that you could download. One of those is a Family Movie Night. It's a great way to help parents feel more part of the school.

One note about the youngster stepping on toes. You show good instincts! It's best to work with the current leadership and keep them in the loop. It's just courtesy to the current board. Better for everyone to work as a team. Best of luck in all you do!

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philswingmoms writes:
Thanks for your words of encouragment. The second meeting and the third meeting was a record turnout in attendance then they have had in over several years. Growing tin the right direction.

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Love getting followups! Thanks so much for letting us know that things are going in the right direction! If you need additional help/resources, please let us know!

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