Question: Can our school district rewrite our by-laws?

As PTO President, I was just invited to a session to make sure all school PTOs in our district our in compliance with board policies. They want to help us rewrite our by-laws to ensure "A recognition that money given to a school cannot be earmarked for any particular expense. Booster clubs may make recommendations, but cash or other valuable consideration must be given to the District to use at its discretion" This seems SO wrong to me. Can the district do this?

Asked by Nature Ridge PTO



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
The school district does have a lot of say on how money can be spent, yes. Your goal here should be to try to work as cooperatively with the district as possible, while letting it know that you all really have the same goals but allowing your groups to operate independently really benefits the whole school community in the long run. Is there any room for discussion or tailoring the language? If not, consider working with them and taking this step. Keep in mind that as a PTO your role is to support the school community through funding and donating equipment or other items that you could buy yourselves and donate to the school.

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