Question: Changing from PTA to PTO and closing the old PTA

We have decided to switch from PTA to PTO. We are a brand new presidentcy, The old presidentcys Bylaws expire the first of Sept. No where in the by laws can I find where it states how to deslove the PTA. It does say that to hold a meeting in which we have as a new PTO to Vote to make the switch, but we didn't involve the PTA. We have set up an EIN and Bank account not associated to the PTA. In the by laws it states that we may donate the money from the PTA to another organization that practices the same as a PTA. Does that mean we can just donate it to our new PTO? Not sure what to do. Anyone know what to do as far as donating the money or how to close the old PTA since we have really nothing to do with it?

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