Question: Drama Among Board Members

Hello all! I have served this school year as the Vice President and will be taking over as President for next year. I know that anytime there is a change that there is bound to be some drama. We have a couple board members who are agreeable during meetings, but then go complaining to other parents and staff members at our school causing unnecessary issues. I would love some suggestions on how to handle this issue. Thank you in advance!

Asked by Mommy2MLC



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Mommy2MLC -- You are smart to start off the year with a plan to avoid/prevent that kind of drama. If you set the tone, right from the start, of wanting to keep things in the open and keep communication lines open, that's a good start. But, if you are dealing with some folks who like to whisper in the shadows, then, you just have to be prepared for that. I'd recommend you take a look at a few of our stories that focus on keeping things positive and building consensus. You'll do great if you go in with your eyes open (and it seems like they already are!) Check out Stop the PTO Drama, Managing Personality Conflicts, and From Controversy to Consensus Good luck!

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Mommy2MLC writes:
Thank you Rose C for the suggested articles. I know this may be an uphill battle, but I am hopeful that we can all come together for the benefit of the school and children.

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