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I've seen a variety of Q's posted on this forum where a member is attempting to take a poll of some sort to get a general consensus/opinion on how other PTOs do something, usually to feel more confident/supported in what they themselves are thinking or to help justify or make a decision where 2 or more answers are being debated within their own PTO. Frustrating to see (and, I'd imagine, for the person asking, too) that only a handful of replies are made which doesn't exactly constitute a 'poll.' So, thought I'd ask: Does have any other resource available for actually giving members a place to take a poll? Or other useful suggestions? --Other than, of course, pouring over all the great articles and posts herein! :)

Asked by firefighter464



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi firefighter464, You are right! There have been some poll type of questions in the Q/A lately and they don't get lots of responses. Sometimes we find more parents may weigh in on our Message Boards and our Facebook page gets lots of traffic and lots of interaction, which makes it a great option for gathering many points of view.

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