Question: Who sets the budget for the next school year?

I am wondering if the new board or the old board sets the budget for the new school year? I am the new Pres. for next year and the old board is telling me they set the budget but I didn't see anything in our constitution about that. Also, I am new at this so is the constitution and bylaws the same? Thanks

Asked by LES PRES



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It's great that the old board is willing to take the time and effort to work on a budget. Some new presidents get a box full or records, a key to the PTO closet, and a "good luck" wish. You'll find that the past officers have a lot of knowledge about PTO activities that will be helpful in crafting a budget. On the other hand, they don't "set" the budget -- they create one that, once you take over, you and your board members can revise or even discard as you see fit. You're under no obligation to follow their recommendations. On your second question, constitution and bylaws are similar but not the same. Your constitution (or articles or incorporation) is a document that spells out the very basic organization of your group. You file your constitution with the state when you incorporate, and it very rarely changes. Bylaws also spell out how your group is organized, but they go into more detail -- like when elections are held, how often you'll have meetings, etc. Bylaws typically require a two-thirds vote to be changed, and it's sensible to review them every year or two. Your group might also have "policies." These are standard procedures that are not important enough to become bylaws but that you want to have written down somewhere. Policies are passed and changed by simple majority and might include items such as when the budget should be completed. Please don't hesitate to post if you have more questions, and congratulations on being elected president!

Community Advice

LES PRES writes:
Thank you Craig for such a great response....I really appreciate it. That helped a lot. It is good to know that no matter what the old board says, I have the final say for next year. Thanks again!!!

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