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is there a forum on this site for discussions on fundraising?

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Rose H writes:
We have many threads on our Message Boards that focus on fundraising. I think you'll find them very helpful because it's driven by parents who want to exchange information.

You could start here at our Fundraising forum.

I'd also recommend you check out our ULtimate Donation List on the Fundraising Forum, which is very popular and includes parent submissions and their experiences with donors, how they planned events, etc.

Good luck!

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Thepath writes:
I've heard of a great website called helps churches, schools and non profits raise money for good causes. They donate up to 30% of their sales in a given weeks time to the fundraising group.

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jsmith932 writes:
Preferred Fundraising Here's a great site for fundraising.

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The_rob_andrews writes:
I’m a youth pastor in Garden Grove. We had a really hard time raising money for camps and stuff. I found these guys and they’re pretty awesome. I think like they gave us like 50% of the proceeds -

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malikarslan writes:
Yes here is fundraising forum also you can find amazing fundraising ideas from

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Saira writes:
I was looking for fundraising ideas and found a huge website having hundreds of fundraising ideas that are easy and effective. visit USA Fundraising Ideas

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usafundraisingideas writes:
Today i was wondering about fundraising and came across this page: 200+ Unique Fundraising Ideas . I believe it would be a great addition to your answers. Thanks

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