Question: Amending bylaws

At our school's first PTO meeting the board proposed to vote on changing meeting times/dates, and the assembly voted and it passed. This vote would be an amendment to the bylaws. There was no previous notice or announcement that this vote would take place. I also must note the first meeting usually has many people present (50+) and this meeting only had around 25 people due to there being another event at a sister school. Is this allowed? Can the assembly vote to rescind the vote due to improper voting procedures regarding a bylaw?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Yes, there is supposed to be reasonable notification of an upcoming vote, so, technically, if this did not happen, the vote could be rescinded. Is there a lot of concern being raised about the time change? Your group could always re-take this vote to keep things "by the books.''

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