Question: Raffle Baskets

I have a dilema. I am running my elementary schools Family Game Night. We are not allowed to have games of chance. I have many baskets that we generally sell tickets for and the individual puts them in the basket they want to win. I need a tricky way to do this without it being considered gambling. One suggestion that was given to me was to put each of them up as a silent auction (which is allowed) but I really don't like that idea. Can anyone share some creative ideas? PLEASE and Thank You!

Asked by happyday1114



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Given that your group isn't allowed to do games of chance, I think the suggestion for setting it up as a silent auction might work best. Sounds like you aren't crazy about it, but it may make the most sense. It does require a little bit more management, however.

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Community Advice

happyday1114 writes:
I thought a public school was non profit and therefore a raffle wasnt considered gambling?

Community Advice

mum24kids writes:
Public schools are considered nonprofits. But that is an entirely separate issue from raffles and gambling. Rules on gambling/raffles are often set by local governments, without regard to whether the organization that wants to do the gambling is a for profit or nonprofit.

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