Question: Not Tax Exempt???

My nieces' school does not have a 501(c) and now almost ALL donation requests require a copy of your 501(c), is there anyway to get around this?

Asked by AUNTJEN4



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi AuntJen4!
Is the school itself not tax exempt, meaning a for-profit school? Or is it the parent group that supports the school that is not tax exempt? 

If the parent group is not tax exempt but the school is, then the parent group can request donations be sent directly to the school. The downside to this is the parent group no longer has control over the funds or donations if they go directly to the school.

One other option would be to seek out donations from local businesses. Sometimes, local organizations are interested in supporting a school fundraiser because they want to support their local community and are not looking strictly for a write off.

Rose C.

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