Question: Money Raised by Children is Spent on Children

I have always followed the rule that any money raised by children was to be spent on children. My son's school PTO is spending money on gifts for bus drivers, teachers, and if they think something is needed, they buy it. Even if it has nothing to do with the children, classrooms, or teachers needs. We have nothing in the bylaws that state a spending limit, much less a childs need. Can you help me or guide me? This is a Mississippi school.

Asked by DanaLee2003



Community Advice

bethanysmom writes:
I would suggest you propose a revision of the bylaws.

Community Advice

gjcoram writes:
Did the children raise the money? Or did some parent volunteers do it? I don't know that a by-laws revision is necessarily in order, but I do think that a well-considered budget is. I think it does make sense to give some thank-yous to teachers (we don't have any buses, so I can't speak to that), but it should be a small part of what the PTO does. If you have a budget that says you can spend $500 on gifts, then that's what's allowed. The actual amount may depend on how big the school is, and how well you fundraise.

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