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My PTO financials book was lent to the new treasurer for training purposes. The school's principal took the book off of the new treasurer's desk & is refusing to give it back to me. Our financials are not complete & my term is not up until end of June. I have tried to explain to her & the assistant superintendent that PTO financials are not schools property. No one will listen. We had problems all year with the principal wanting to control where funds are spent & "run" the PTO. I need to find out the laws and had no luck. This principal has been a nightmare to deal with & our entire board resigned. Please help me. I'm trying to do what's right and I feel no one will listen.

Asked by Diannemitchell



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Followme writes:
that is a slippery situation indeed. Can your PTO president intervene? If not, I would put a letter in writiing to the principal, preferably email, and cc the superintendent and your PTO president outlining what has happened and make a formal request for the book to be returned within 24 hours so that you may complete your PTO committment. Explain that when the books are prepared and ready for the new E board, you will pass the book off to either the principal, the new PTO president or the new PTO treasuer. At least then you will have documented the reason why you are unable to keep ypour committment and all partis will be aware of what has transpired and you will have a record of your correspondence.

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