Question: Tips and Gratuities

Our PSO had a soup fundraiser and the guy hired to make it all charged us at cost, even though it required a significant amount of his time (including being overnight at the outside location where it was being made). He does this for us as he believes strongly in our community. A lot of us feel that we should give him a thank you with a $50 gift card to continue to foster that relationship with him. However, a few of our members feel that the PSO funds should not be used for this purpose. Do any of your PSO's give tips and/or gratuities for donated services that are considered to be excessive? Or for other reasons - like to foster the relationship?

Asked by leahjo30



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I think the gift card is a good idea. It's essentially a business expense -- you've had a successful fundraiser and you'd like to at least keep open the possibility that you could do it again. So you foster the relationship. Not to mention that it's a nice way to share your success with someone who contributed a great deal to make it happen.

If the gift card is too controversial, is there something else you can give to him? Does he have a business that you can promote? If not, can you at least honor him at an event and in your newsletter?

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