Question: Our School wants PTO to do all the fundraising

Our school wants only the PTO to do fundraisers. They want us to do only one and then "distribute" the money to the groups that request it. We usually only do one major fundraiser in the fall that makes enough money for us to do our own PTO activities. We only make a couple of thousand dollars and we pre decide where to spend and how to spend the money. I feel that with the PTO doing all the fundraising we will be known only as the fundraising group and that there will be problems when it comes time to "distribute" the funds.Am I wrong in thinking this may be a possibility? Other members on the outgoing committee( I am incoming board member) think I am crazy. We already have very poor attendance at meetings and little parent participation(help wise-we get lots of parents at our free events).

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi rlk324. This depends somewhat on the setup of your PTO. Is it an independent organization (perhaps set up as a 501c(3)) or more an extension of the school? If it is an independent group, then it should be making the decisions about where the money goes. That said, it is also important to have a good working relationship with the administration and seek their feedback on what initiatives are most in need of funds. In a best case scenario, that feedback should factor into your decision-making process. However, if your group is really part of the school, then there may be a history where the administration outlined how to spend the money. If that's the case, and you are an incoming board member, reach out to the principal and see if there is a way to create a more cooperative decision-making process. Your input can be very valuable!  Also, you might find this article on partnering with a principal helpful. Good luck! 

Community Advice

37ptokids writes:
Hey there rlk324, Contact james or scott from ROC Coffee Worldwide. They assisted us (300 kids schoolwide) and we raised just under $16,000 in less than 1 month.

Their number are James 585-709-3770 and Scott 585-943-9797

They literally will come in and save your day..

A Adamson

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