Question: Can a PTO "require" payments for a project?

5th grade graduation is months away and the parents met with the PTO who are asking for payments from the parents. The first payment is due. First the PTO sent home an envelope, now the school is calling! Can a school demand money from parents towards graduation? The party is ridiculously lavish and I just don't agree with this type of spending for such young children. I don't think I should be forced to contribute. I have no issue with normal party expenses, but we're talking close to 5 figures for this event!

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
That does sound very lavish! Unless there are circumstances here that you are leaving out (like it's a private school and you signed an agreement to contribute), then, no, PTOs can't demand you contribute. They can make it uncomfortable for you with too many phone calls, which is a mistake. The best events are the ones that come together with voluntary contributions, not coercion.

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