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Have any PTOs out there ever assisted in paying for equipment for the staff/faculty, i.e. walkie-talkie for safety issues if these items are not covered by the district budget? Our board is divided as to whether this is an expense that fits within our exempt, charitable purpose. Thanks!

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gjcoram writes:
Our PTO has done so (walkie-talkies, in fact) and we felt it was something that, broadly speaking, benefited the students of Birch Meadow and thus fit our exempt purpose.

I suppose if you had written your exempt purpose as specifically as "to improve the education of" your students, then walkie-talkies would not fit -- but I think most PTOs have broader purposes.

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cajunmsgirl writes:
Yes we bought walkie talkies and even some equipment for the music program. Anything that improves the teaching and safety of our children and teachers should be aloud because there is a lot of stuff that isn't covered in the Budget. It is also a huge hassle sometimes to have to wait for a Purchase Order to be issued in order to get said item. Hope this helps.

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