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I have a question if someone could please help. When the PTA raise's money for the school, does the money have to go toward benefiting all the students? Or can the school choose the money to go to specific clubs?

Asked by golfdog



Community Advice

C S writes:
It's whatever your parent organization decides. Our school primarily makes decisions to provide to the whole school, not grade or class specific. This is an equity issue that needs to be discussed at length before decisions are made. If you carve out monies to a grade specific grade, the theory is that all of the students will benefit eventually, so a case could be made that the particular expenditure is benefitting the whole school.

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Good points, C.S. It is definitely something to discuss as part of overall planning. The key is to reflect the wishes of your parents and the group. Some parent groups strike a balance between funding a few specific clubs or projects and funding school-wide initiatives.

Community Advice

Spartanburg/Cherokee/ writes:
All schools are different. Could the real problem is you need more money? Consider a fundraiser for a specific purpose or group. I do these all the time with schools all over South Carolina. I am a fundraising specialist for Attractions Dining and Value Guide. Check out their website to get a new fundraiser started.

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