Question: Back to School Night

Hi! I would like some ideas for back to school night. I know we are suppose to set up a PTO table. I was wondering what other schools did. Any suggestions would be helpful.




Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Your back-to-school event should be about connecting with parents in a way works for your group. Setting up a table is a good idea. Your main goal is to be welcoming and let parents know about the work your group does.  Will your event be part of the school's back-to-school night or will you do a separate event? If you are part of the school's night, that might dictate how much you do. For instance, if the administration is giving an overview, you might want to see if you can do a quick presentation on the group. 

We have lots of resources on the site that you can download and customize for a back-to-school night. These include general information documents about parent involvement as well as volunteer sign-ups and letters to encourage parents to get involved. Here's the link to the Back-to-School section on our File Exchange. 

Good luck!

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