Question: Auction Gala science theme

Has anyone ever had a "Science" theme for a gala? We are having our Silent/Live Auction, and using the proceeds for a new Middle School Science Room. Any "Catchy' ideas for an invitation?

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Advice from PTO Today

Patty C @ PTO Today writes:
I’ve never done a science themed auction, but here are a few ideas for invitations that might help you play up the science theme: -Space picture/design with the message “You’re invited to take up space. At our auction. “ (Tables/decor at auction could have name of planets or constellations) -An illustration of the periodic table and a message along the lines of “We’ll need all of the right elements at our auction-especially you!” - Illustration of Captain Kirk with message “Help us go where no middle school student has boldly gone before: to the science wing!” (There’s plenty of Star Trek décor out there at party stores since the movie came out. If you’re brave enough, there’s always the official Enterprise dress/jumpsuits!) -Invite with a picture of science/discovery/technology icons, like Einstein, Bill Gates, Edison, Ben Franklin etc. with the message: “Help us discover your student’s potential!” Again, you could play up decorations and table themes with inventions such as telephone, electricity, computer, Iphone, etc. Hope that helps- and have fun!

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