I am new to the PTO at my daughter's school. I was just elected president. I was wondering what some other schools did as far as fundraising, either with a company (like candy, cookies etc.) or something a PTO board created. Any sugguestions would be helpful and appreciated.

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Tillybird6374 writes:
This Saturday we just had our 1st Touch A Truck and Arts & Crafts FUNdraiser! It was amazing, and we made a ton of money for our school. It was a lot of work organizing it, and we spent about $850 on the setup, but the amount we took in was so much more. For the last 12 weeks we planned, set up, organized, our school best fundraiser to date. We called every trucking company, fire department, police department, highway department, waste management, etc. in our town and the surrounding towns asking them to donate four hours and a vehicle to four the event. We advertised in our local paper, on FB, and on an event site for Craft Vendors and Consultant Companies for our craft fair. We charged them $35.00 with a $15.00 product donation for a 10x10 spot at the show, or $50.00 without a donation. We ended up with 25 vendors, and all but 1 donated an item to our raffle. {All FREE money!}. We assigned all of our classrooms-21 in total- a them for our penny social raffle. We sent notices home asking parents, if possible, to donate one item, or a $5.00 gift card towards their classrooms theme. In the end, we had so much stuff come in, we ended up wit 36 HUGE gift baskets to raffle off. We purchased a 32in flat screen, and a gas grill, solicited donations from all area restaurants and stores, and ended up with 12 prizes for our BIG RAFFLE. we sold tickets all month long befor our event for $1.00 a ticket, or 6 for $5.00. We selected the raffle winners at our event. Again, a lot of work, but it was an amazing day, and all said and done we raised a huge amount of money! We will definitely be making this a yearly event!

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Rose H writes:
Hi MBSK1979,
Congrats for being elected president! It's a great time to make a fundraising plan for next year, so that they are timed well and suite your community.

This article provides some great tips to set your strategy.

From there, you can consider product and other types of fundraisers. Here are some great articles to guide you:

How To Choose a Fundraiser

12 Creative Fundraising Ideas

Auctions: Make Them Fun and Festive

Good luck! 

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rachelwilifer writes:

We use PopNod ( to supplement our fundraising efforts. It makes it really easy by automatically donating money to our PTO while supporters shop online, at stores such as Gap, Target, etc. We get a quarterly payment without doing much work. All we need to do is to promote our personalized link for our PTO.

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RENE writes:
Thank you so much for your assistance in promoting this very lucrative fundraiser.

As you will see in our team video below, thousands of dollars can be raised in a matter of 60 days or less for your educational needs.

This fundraiser is a load of fun! Our fundraising script will teach each student (approx. 700) how to sell just one box of product (coffee, organic green tea or hot chocolate) and your school will earn $9,100! If those same 700 students sold 5 boxes each, your school will earn $45,500!!! ;o) Our team would love to help you obtain any goal that is set.

We are, also, available to sell hot choclate, coffee and tea at events/festivals. Twenty percent of all proceeds will be donated to your organization.


Warmest Regards,

PamelaRene Ferguson, VP Fundraising
Organo Gold Inc.
2870 Peachtree Road, Suite 992
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
(404) 964-4294

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