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Our school hosts an annual live and silent auction event which includes cocktails, dinner, and dancing at a very nice resort near the school. The cost is $100 per person if you purchase a table of 10 or $125 per person if buying individual tickets. Has anyone ever used any type of ticket discount promotion for ticket prices other than purchasing a table? For example, a discount for purchasing tickets before a certain date, or maybe you published a discount code that could be used for ticket purchases on-line. We are trying to to think of ways to encourage early ticket sales and we were thinking maybe a discount might help. I would appreciate any information anyone might have in this area. Thanks!

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Ninja4Good writes:
Hi T Brooks,

Our school's annual Gala tickets sell for $150 each and are not discounted. I like to think of it as this: why discount your tickets when you can give your ticket/event a greater value? In fact, the price goes up per ticket for those who wait until the last minute to order their tickets. The price increase usually takes place a week before the event and is highly publicized so that everyone is aware of the increase. We found a need to do this because so many people do wait until the last minute to purchase tickets and it became a nightmare to seat them with their friends, etc. Our Gala also seeks out sponsorships and with the minimum sponsorship you are given a table. Our largest sponsorship receives multiple tables and a variety of other perks.

Hope this helps!

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