Question: Need New Idea for Fun Run Contest!

We have an event called the Dog Dash...huge fundraiser for our school and for the past SEVERAL years we have done something called a Silly Sock contest in conjunction with this event. Children wear silly socks, decorate them, etc and then we have a contest and the best from each grade receive a prize. We would LOVE to figure out something else and have been brainstorming, but thought I would post here as well. Something that might go along with the theme would be great! Thank you!!

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
How about a dog-theme costume contest? Or an essay or poem contest -- write about your favorite dog. For younger kids, it could be drawing a picture and telling about your favorite dog. Or divide the kids into, say, four teams, each with appropriate theme names. Have kids decorate T-shirts to wear with their team's theme. (Have each team wear different color T-shirts so you can tell them apart easily.)

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