Question: The School Board controls our Fundraising

Our School Board and Superintendent have made rules concerning our fundraising. We are not allowed to sell food that has sugar in it. No cookie dough, candy, chocolate popcorn. They have also stated that we have to submit our ideas to them and they need to be approved before we can do them. Are they allowed to do this?? Our profit has gone down a considerable amount due to these rules.

Asked by hslusher



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
We have heard about school districts setting specific rules for fundraising and requiring schools to submit ideas for fundraising. So, you are not alone on this. Have you considered having a discussion with the superintendent about your fundraising? Maybe you could show them how overall fundraising has gone down and see if there are any compromises that might work -- for example, holding a food fundraiser and distributing the product off site.

Community Advice

clayboggess writes:
Some school districts make a distinction between selling on campus and off campus. The types of products sold on campus may be limited; however selling off campus is usually not restricted. This is where brochure fundraisers are often used. There are products that can be sold on and off campus that don't contain sugar. Beef jerky is one product that is selling very well.

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