Question: Exclusive Sponsorship

We have a spring fling each year and ask for businesses to participate by donating $200.00 for a booth. At the booth they can give away their information. We have a dental company that does not want any other dental company to have a booth. How would you handle that?

Asked by Anonymous



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I'd charge him extra for it. Are you likely to have another dentist sign up? If not or it's 50-50, then you might charge $300 for exclusivity. If you always have two dentists and might have three, I'd charge $500. Exclusivity is a benefit to this dentist, and he should pay significantly extra for it.

Community Advice

bcarter writes:
Yes, we currently have another dentist interested. We are concerned it may appear that we are not welcoming to the other business. If we turn them away this year because of exclusivity and next year that exclusive business does not want to do it and have we potentially lost a community partner in turing the other business away.

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