Question: Daddy Daughter Dance

We're hosting our very first Daddy Daughter Dance and now that we're down to crunch time, (dance is this weekend) we are starting to second guess our refreshment choices (cookies and punch) What have others served, and what has been the most popular refreshments?

Asked by Melissa Parrish



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Let's bump this over to our Facebook community to see if we can get some quick responses.

Rose C

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi again Melissa,

Answers are starting to come in and lemonade look popular!

Good luck! I bet your event will be a great success!

Rose C.

Community Advice

misskyleejean writes:
We had our first annual F&D dance last year. We kept it simple because we did not charge the families to come, we asked for donations and made over $600. We served cookies, punch, m&ms and chips. The kids loved it and we made a point to put on the invitations light refreshments will be served as well as donations welcomed.

Community Advice

FoxMom writes:
Cookies are a good choice-- maybe lemonade instead of punch-- if girls have dresses and are taking pictures -- a punch can give a red mustache or spill all over the dress---

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