Question: can a group separate from the PTO

Our PTO just started and had some drama that turned parents off to the PTO. A group of Room Mothers wants to separate ourselves. Can we and how?

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mum24kids writes:
Depends what you want to do. If you just want to start a separate group that has the same basic purpose of the current PTO, it's probably not a good idea. Two sets of officers, competing fundraisers, possible duplications of efforts are just some of the things that will confuse parents and probably create more conflict. And why would the principal want to deal with that? S/he has the right to only recognize one parent group for the school.

But if the room moms want to get together on an informal basis and share ideas for class parties, or work on a specific issue like how to handle food allergies in the school, that might work. But probably better to even work that angle as a PTO committee than a separate group.

Have you read Tim's article called "Stop the PTO drama"? Maybe something in there will help you. It's here:

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