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Our PTO is planning to file a 501(c) however it looks like we might not have a PTO next year due to the lack of participation. Do I still file?

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mum24kids writes:
I'm guessing that you are a new organization just filing for exemption? If so, I think that's a tough call. If you just scraped up enough people to operate a PTO after being without for many years, then I think maybe I would hold off and see what happens. If you've been an existing organization for a number of years, and are just trying to make yourself "legal" now, I think I would go ahead and do it. The reasoning for that being that if you've operated for a number of years and are just going through a little slump right now, it's more likely that someone will come in at the last minute and agree to keep things going.

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Mariab024 writes:
Thank you for your answer. We have been a PTO for a little over a year now. The first year was pretty much non existant and this year picked up a bit because we had a lot of support. However, we are not sure what next year will be like and would hate to go through filling out all the paperwork and have nobody responsible and reliable to keep the PTO going. That being said, we will wait til the new school year to see if anyone else will take over. Thank you again!

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Rose H writes:
HI Maria024,

mum24kids is right on. There are lots of ways to build community and build up your volunteer base to get momentum going for your group. I'll pass along a couple of links on stories that have tons of tips. Often, if you host few easy, low maintenance family events, maybe an end-of-year after school ice cream party or a family picnic, with no expectations other than to have people connect, you may find that can start the ball rolling for building community.

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Good luck! 

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