Question: Should the PTO keep PTA records?

We dissolved our PTA and formed a PTO this year, and have a new slate of officers. The leadership of the PTA was in upheaval over the last few years and the records we had were limited. However, I just found two bins of records going back 10 years. As the PTO, are we responsible to keep these records as recommended (i.e. the bylaws, minutes, etc forever, financials 7 years, etc)?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I would recommend keeping them. If your PTO has a different EIN from the dissolved PTA, the new group probably is not obligated to hold onto them. But they do provide a record of what has occurred at your school. And if any questions do arise, you will be better off having records, especially of IRS and state filings and the like. There probably is a point where you can dispose of the records entirely, but you should check with an attorney familiar with nonprofits in your state for that—some retention rules do vary by state.

Community Advice

mum24kids writes:
We sent our to the state PTA office when we dissolved. Never heard anything on way or the other once they got them.

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