Question: Can a PTO have non profit status without being tax exempt?

Our PTO completed the tax exempt documents and non profit back in 2008. Since that time they have never filed tax returns. The state tax forms have been submitted every year but when checking on the IRS site it shows the status as revoked. Can we file returns to keep the non-profit status but not be tax exempt?

Asked by CockrillPTO



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mum24kids writes:
Yes, in my state you file your corporate documents to become a nonprofit recognized by the state corporation commission, but the whole tax exemption process is completely different and done with the Federal government. Your state may or may not be the same, but that's somewhat irrelevant. It sounds like the IRS automatically revoked your tax exempt status once returns were not filed for 3 years, and just filing back returns isn't going to get it reinstated. The process you need to follow is outlined here:

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