Question: Uncooperative Former Officers

Hi: I am the PTO president and teacher at the school. We are having problems getting our former treasurer to respond to calls and emails requesting him/her to turn over the financial records, bank account information, and access to writing checks. Do we have any recourse to compel them to do so?

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mum24kids writes:
Not really, short of reporting the records stolen and getting police involved. But what you can do, if you haven't already, to protect your money is go to the bank and give them information on the new officers and take away the treasurer's signature authority and access. If you're not expecting any banking activity over the summer, you can also have them put an alert on the account so if they see any activity they can contact you. When we had a similar problem a few years ago, we sent a certified letter saying that we would be going to the treasurer's house at a certain date and time to pick up the records, and when we did, she had it all boxed up and ready for us. It was uncomfortable, but it worked.

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