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we are forming an HSA and I am trying to complete the EIN application, I need help answering a few questions, since the IRS phone line is no help. 9A. TYPE OF ENTITY - I checked the box "OTHER" and filled in HSA 10. REASON FOR APPYLING - I checked the box "started a new business" and entered HSA on the line 15.FIRST DATE WAGES OR ANNUITIES WERE PAID - I have no idea how to fill in the line? 16. BOX THAT DESCRIBES PRINCIPAL ACTIVITY OF BUSINESS - I checked the "OTHER" ox and wrote in Parent, Student, teacher group 17. INDICATE PRINCIPAL LINE OF MERCHANDISES SOLD, SPECIFIC CONSTRUCTION WORK DONE, PRODUCTS PRODUCED OR SERVICES PROVIDED - no idea what this means. I have completed the application using the directions and I'm still confused about these. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!

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mum24kids writes:
9a--other nonprofit organization; school parent teacher group
10--started new business; nonprofit organization
15--enter n/a (unless of course, you are planning on hiring employees , which would be highly unusual)
16--other, school support group
17--encourage parent involvement in school and provide enrichment activities, as well as volunteer and financial support (just shorten it if that's too long)

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