Question: Principal as President and Treasurer

We are currently in a situation where no one that is approved by our Principal has stepped up to be President of the PTF. As a result, we have no current officers in place, including the Treasurer position. No one seems to have a copy of the bylaws, so we aren't sure where to go from here. Our main concern is legality - is it LEGAL in the state of FL for a principal to be in charge of PTF funds? We love her and are not concerned that she will spend without asking, but we are concerned about legality/audit!

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mum24kids writes:
I'm not in Florida. But regardless of the state, no state is going to have laws about principals and parent groups. It's possible that your local school board has some regulation about school employees being involved in handling money for parent groups, so you might check that. In terms of the audit, any standard auditing procedures you already have in place for anyone else shouldn't be suspended just because your principal is the treasurer.

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rjmat writes:
Honestly, that is a very strange situation! Check with the bylaws. If there are none, then I suggest a group of parents get together and be organized and make the vote to have the Principal's duties be stripped. The PTO is a separate entity and the school district should not allow their Principal have access to PTO funds.

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