Question: How to convert a PDF file?

I have found two PDF forms that would love to use. However, I can not add or delete a PDF file. How do I convert or get theses files in a Word Doc?

Asked by Eilena



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mum24kids writes:
Here's a free PDF converter that I have used successfully many times: Might not be perfect, depending on how the PDF was made to begin with, but usually pretty good.

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Eilena writes:
Thanks. I actually purchased a form of adobe that worked.

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mnowak8202 writes:
If you are using microsoft when you save the word document you can save it to PDF. Really easy to do.

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daddario writes:
One alternative I've heard about is using online converters. Websites like SmallPDF, PDFCrowd, or Adobe Acrobat online offer conversion services. You just upload your Excel file, and they spit out a shiny new PDF. Also, for those who prefer third-party software, I've heard good things about tools like and CutePDF. They provide additional features and might be worth exploring for those with specific needs. However, I'm curious to know if any of you have other go-to methods or alternative tools for this task.

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