Question: Media Plan after Embezzlement

I have read articles and message boards on PTO today about embezzlement but I am having trouble finding information on how to handle media inquiries. Our treasurer has admitted to embezzling and we have contacted local authorities. The school principal informed the staff today (without our formal statement, unfortunately). How soon should we send our formal statement to parents and staff, if we should at all? Does anyone have advise about answering questions from parents, teachers, and/or media? (We are being very careful not mention the name of the perpetrator or anything that could be considered slander).

Asked by KMZimZam



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
HI KMZimZam,
First, sorry to hear about this. It's a very difficult time, for sure. We'd say the best way to proceed is to have a clear, simple statement ready to make available should the media seek your comment. We are not lawyers and we can't give you advice on the exact wording, but, you should probably not say much more than that matter is under investigation. This is truthful and you are not sharing details that you may not be certain are accurate. Keep any statement to parents similarly simple and assure them that your board is doing everything it can to respond to this unfortunate situation.

Again, sorry this has happened. Hang in there,

Rose C.

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