Question: Silent Auction Baskets

Hi My group is hosting a silent auction/gala fundraiser. We have collected many goods and services by networking and approaching local businesses and been delighted by the response. We also asked members to create group themed baskets to auction off. They enthusiastically responded and now we have 4 expensive themed baskets valued from $200-$400. The total value of all the themed baskets is over $1000. We are worried we won't get enough value for these baskets. For donated items, this is not a concern, because we didn't invest more than time in collecting them. So everything is profit. But with the group/themed baskets, people bought the items and we want to make more than the value. We are considering live auctioning these special baskets. Or organizing a raffle but there are only 100 people attending the event. Any thoughts or suggestions for how we might proceed to ensure we make this worthwhile? Thank you.

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mum24kids writes:
Putting them into a live auction instead of silent is a good idea. But have you considered breaking the baskets up so they are worth less money?

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