Question: Unknown 'date formed' of PTO

My PTO has been in existence for many years. So many years in fact, that no one can seem to remember when it was formed. I am working on applying for official 501c(3) status and question 11 asks for the date incorporated or formed. No one can find the answer to this question. We don't have articles of incorporation, and the bylaws don't state when we started either. We are not incorporated in our state either. Can anyone help? I am stuck on this question.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You should really consider incorporating before filing for 501c3. Here's the reason they ask about the date formed: You have 27 months from the date of formation or incorporation to apply for 501c3 to make your tax exemption retroactive to your start date (or incorporation date). If you don't apply within that time period, your status isn't retroactive. Which means your organization could be considered liable for taxes on income you raised before the date you filed for 501c3.

The IRS considers an organization to be new when it incorporates. Incorporating makes your application much cleaner, and probably saves some significant headaches for your group.

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