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I am the VP of our PTO. Our treasurer has been refusing to any part of her job for months and said that she wants nothing to do with the PTO. I have told her as well as other members have also that we need her written resignation and she is refusing. I have someone to take on the role of treasurer but how can we proceed without her giving us her resignation?

Asked by MReames80



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Rose H writes:
Hi MReames80.
You need to proceed with a treasurer and it sounds like you have someone to step in. I don't think I'm understanding why this person refuses to "officially" resign.Has she told you she doesn't want to do the job by email? Do you ever see her at school? Can you approach her directly in person and ask her to do this for you in order to move on? If this doesn't happen, put the matter on the public agenda for next month. Say you have not received any contact from this person in XXX months and you need to proceed with voting in a new treasurer. Ask for a vote on doing that. Get it confirmed. Put the vote on the agenda for the following month to make it official. In the meantime, your board can keep up with the financials. Sorry this has happened.

Good luck!


Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Another possibility -- appoint the new person acting treasurer or assistant treasurer until the next election time. Then just treat her like she's the only treasurer. Because, in fact, she is. Getting a resignation is helpful, but in the end it's only a formality. What you need is someone to do the job, and you can accomplish that in spirit if not exactly in title.

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