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What are the duties and roles for a Historian? What kid of posters can I create being a Historian representative?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
The historian's duty is to record what happens during the year. You might create a scrapbook of events and activities that can be displayed at group functions. If your group is a PTA, the PTA asks you to put together an annual report to be submitted to your district or state PTA. The annual report consists of a list of officers, the total number of volunteer hours provided to the school by the group during the year, and a summary of the year's activities, among other things. Another great activity for a historian is to prepare your group's entry for the annual PTO Today Parent Group of the Year Search. (I'm just slipping that in! But it is a perfect duty for a historian.) Check your group's bylaws to see what other specific duties, if any, are spelled out for the historian. And as far as making posters, if you have a talent for that, just let people in your group know. I'm sure they'll find some good ways to put it to use!

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