Question: Thanking Sponsors at a Raffle

To pay for a Family Fun Night, our PTO hosted a Basket Raffle. This was simple and paid for everything last year. This year, with an actual fundraising committee, we are hoping to raise enough to cover the cost of the night plus bank some for improvements next year. To do this we are reaching out to local businesses. Those that do not have an item to donate will be offered the option to donate funds. What is a good way to do a "thank you to the following businesses" display - or a way to display business cards of those that donated.

Asked by snowglow



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi snowglow!
You could try a few different ways. Is the raffle taking place at an event and if so will you have a program? You can include names of businesses or even copies of business cards in the program. You could also display a large poster with names of donors at the raffle, along with names of businesses who have contributed and supported your program with the baskets. Another option is to include a thank you to business donors on your website or in an upcoming newsletter.

Good luck with your event!

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