Question: PTO Funds when the school is splitting to other schools

At the end of this year our K-3 school is going to grade level schools and splitting to other schools, our PTO has never really had Bylaws or if they did they have never followed any. At the end of the year some say we should split the money, others say it was raise over the year by the school it should stay with the school. I am just looking for a little feed and direction to follow so we are doing the right thing moving forward. I am going to follow up with other PTO groups in our district to see if they have or are using bylaws though I wanted to poll this group as well.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there!
Perhaps the best idea is to meet in the middle -- It makes sense to use money you've recently raised on events or programs for the students this year and then take the remaining funds and donate it to the parent groups you'll be joining next year. Of course, you want to poke around to see if you can find your group's bylaws to see if there's any specific language addressing this type of event.

Sound like a big change for your school community. Good luck with everything and stay in touch. Happy to help as you move forward.


Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I'd say don't spend the money just to spend it. Use it wisely as you would if you were continuing on for another year. If you have a good use that would require you to spend all of it, then do so. If not, save some of it for the new schools/PTOs -- a little seed money might make a big difference as those groups try to get organized next year.

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