Question: PTO Membership Incentive - funding ideas

We want to do something to show our school what all PTO does with the membership dues/fundraisers. We are wanting to do a visual - a thermometer that can be colored in as funds raised with notes along the way in regards to purchases (teacher requests, PE equipment, etc). Ideally, we'd like a BIG item for the top that we are working towards. Any ideas for this? I know if I open it to parents we will get all kinds of suggestions (new playground, field trip, etc) that are VERY expensive and/or unlikely to happen. I'd love to hear some ideas! Thanks!

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barefoot mama writes:
Our school is fairly new and many departments are in need of items. what we did last year was to reach out to each department to see what it was that they would really like to have. the teachers were in one group and decided on one large item that would make all of their lives easier, and all of the specialty teachers turned in their requests. some were more expensive than others, and we were able to accommodate all requests.

we presented this information to the group and took a poll of what we parents thought the rest of the money should go towards. after checking with the principal, we decided on two items to let the group vote on.

i hope this helps!

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