Question: Bylaws

Our PTO has been inactive and we are trying to start it back up and I finally got a hold of the state and it is cheaper to reinstate it but we don't have anything there that I know of such as the bylaws, should we buy a startup kit and use those bylaws and buy insurance and such?

Asked by Bonnieziegelt



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there!
You can certainly purchase our Startup Kit to help you get organized. We also have lots of free resources on the site. Here are just a few to get you going:

How To Start a PTO

How To Write PTO Bylaws

Get Your PTO Up and Running

As far as insurance is concerned, we offer insurance and recommend it for groups. You can take a look at the information about insurance on our site here: You can call our leader support team at any time at 1-800-644-3561 and they can answer questions for you about insurance.


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