Question: PTO Regulations on adding new board members

Our school PTO had dwindled to almost nothing when I became PTO President, just myself and the Treasurer. I managed to almost double our bank account balance and make a profit on a Field day that for the past 4 yrs has only cost us. Now I am losing my treasurer to "conflict of interest" and the principal will not allow her to second a motion to nominate new officers, and will not allow me to continue without officers nor speak to me on how I can save the PTO. Do I have ANY options?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Good morning!
The big question here is why the principal is able to make these decisions for you. Are you an independent PTO? If you are, the principal "technically" can't tell you want you can and can't do. I say technically because while it is true,you also want to work with the principal so he or she doesn't make your life miserable. Sounds like you need to request a sit down with the principal and have a discussion about why the PTO is important for your school community and how you can move it forward. Get input from the principal, try to keep things positive, and keep stressing to the principal that the PTO does so many positives for the school that it would be a big disappointment to see it go away.


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