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I am taking over as Treasurer of our PTA. I do some have formal training in finance management, etc. Last night at Open House, the PTA President finally showed me a balance sheet. After looking over the info I found out that the PTA acted as a clearinghouse for our Student Council and some clubs so they do not have to do a check voucher request to district offices. I also found out that we are funding athletics--which does not benefit all the students. Based on my reading of the rules, this should not be happening. I told the President that this needed to stop as it would be a red flag for auditors, etc. I''ve got a feeling that I am going to get alot of push back to get this money out of the PTA control/books but I am really not sure what I am going to do if they persist in doing the money this way. I know I could resign in protest but they really need the help. Any suggestions on how to move forward?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there,
Try reaching out to the district. Explain that you are new and looking for guidance and find out what the district's position is on which entity should be handling the money for these groups. You can then share what you learn with your PTA. This way, it's not you telling the PTA what it can/can't do. You are simply sharing what the district has told you. This should help you all move forward.


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