Question: Band Boosters Operating as 501c3 but they are not 501c3

What recourse does someone have if they just found out money they've been charged to belong to the Band is not operating under a 501c3? Are they even allowed to charge fees? Should the monies collected go to the school or their personal checking account (the two who are on the Band Booster Organization; President and Treasurer)? Can the school withhold grades/transcripts if said "dues" are not paid? Does it matter if the school states the band boosters are considered a non-school sponsored event?

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Rose H writes:
Hi there,
Much of this depends on the bylaws of the club and how it was originally structured. It sounds like you should seek information from the school district as a starting point. It can tell you (or it should be able to tell you) how booster clubs are set up and the basic rules governing them. They would also be able to answer the specific question you have around transcripts. As far as where the money is going when collected, there should be an account set up for the club.

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